Name?” she asked, clearly bored and just going through the motions.

Does it matter?” he sighed, not really caring enough to answer when even a digital answering services couldn’t be bothered about pretending to give half a shit. He idly wondered whether they came programmed like that, or whether the utter disdain somehow built up over time. It would make them much like having a real secretary in that respect. Her simulated form even looked harried and unhappy. “Could there actually be,” he thought, “a real person somewhere who had served as the real model?”

The screen image glared with a sort of dispassionate loathing. She replied, “not really,” before continuing the enlistment data-collection. There was a further stream of lengthy yet futile questioning.

It’s M.T.” he said. Continue reading


Shadowrun: Star Wars

This was a quick conversion, not totally finished, for turning Shadowrun into Star Wars. I was pretty proud of it, but noone seemed interested:

Shadowrun: Star Wars Edition

Standard Shadowrun races and racial variants work perfectly well. Although nobody cares what you look like, per se, as aliens are everywhere and look like every possible permutation of humanoid. Continue reading

A short blog post about Dark Sun

I played Dark Sun once, for about an hour. It wasn’t the shining hour of my life, but at the very least it’s a halfway decent gaming story about the time I completely wasted a character and accomplished nothing whatsoever, which hopefully will mildly amuse somehow with the complete embarrassing misery that is my life in gaming.

My character was a human Fighter, because I knew nothing whatsoever about DnD, or Dark Sun, and didn’t have any of the books. So my options were pretty limited – I just didn’t know enough to play anything else. And the only thing I could say about the game was that it was fantasy in a desert and everybody wanted to kill you (which would shortly prove extremely accurate). Continue reading


Self-Sealing StemBolters are better!

Now that we’ve looked at how to build a Space Marine, we can take a look at their equipment.

Well, first they pick up guns and shoot things. Sometimes they grab melee weapons and hack at things. Sometimes they even carry very big guns and shoot things. On very rare occaisions, they climb into an armored vehicle and shoot really big things. This is a not a broad range of career choices. You have to qualify as a heroic-champion-in-training just to be able to do things like repair machinery, use basic medical equipment properly, or use the innate psychic powers you were probably born with. Note that many armies in the game consider those skills and abilities the domain of support personnel in some form or another. Space Marines focus so tightly on combat that anything outside of it rests with a few special individuals in each Chapter. Continue reading

Warhammer 2D20 X 1000

Recently, Thoth was asked for a Space Marines conversion. He developed his version from the Fantasy Flight Games DeathWatch book into d20, going back and using a baseline from the original Dark Heresy books. Unfortunately, I don’t have them and can’t reference the information. Also, his version is way better built and contains more information than I could possibly bring to the table. But I never let a total lack of basic competence prevent me from writing.

And I do happen to have the tabletop miniatures wargame rules. Continue reading

Small Changes, Big Impact

I mentioned that one of my favorite games was having a big upgrade recently in the form of a free patch and paid dlc. One of the free features in particular attracted some deserved attention. However, I think the developers intentionally designed this fix to change another aspect of the game and correct an irritating design flaw. Continue reading