Shadowrun: Star Wars

This was a quick conversion, not totally finished, for turning Shadowrun into Star Wars. I was pretty proud of it, but noone seemed interested:

Shadowrun: Star Wars Edition

Standard Shadowrun races and racial variants work perfectly well. Although nobody cares what you look like, per se, as aliens are everywhere and look like every possible permutation of humanoid.


Characters can purchase “points” to buy cyberware and bioware. Treat these as limiting Magic rating as per bioware indexes, but otherwise do not have drawbacks except that they cannot enhance attributes more than 50% of the character’s natural amount. Characters may purchase actual cyberware with credits, but these do reduce Essence and Magic as normal. Non-Force-using characters start with 3 of these points, but may purchase more at the rate of 15 Karma per point.

Characters who lose Essence from Deadly Wounds can fill the Essence “hole” with cyberware and not lose further Essence. This is because taking a Deadly wound now means losing a limb or some other convenient organ like an eye or jaw, and always means losing a point of Essence.

Blasters usually take the place of most guns. These have the advantage of having +1 Power and plenty of ammo (usually 50 for civilian weapons and 100 for military). Rare, elite, and expensive versions may be at +2 Power and.or have some special effect. Blaster power is compared against ballistic armor as normal, while lightsabers compare against impact as a melee weapon normally would. This is one reason that lightsabers do so much damage: The weapon itself may not have as much Power, but it’s harder to stack substantial Impact armor, and even then the numerous combat dice of a skilled swordsman with a powerful weapon can overwhelm most defenses.

Of course, very heavy droids and armored vehicles are respectively extremely tough and functionally invulnerable to such attacks; you need Gunnery. Unless specially designated as an anti-vehicle weapon, no hand weapons can affect any vehicle larger than a speeder (i.e., vehicle body 6+). Beyond that, it’s assumed to have built-in shielding and/or starship armor.

Jedi (and Dark Jedi)
Magic must be priority A. Jedi are Physical Mages with access to Enhancement and Sorcery, and may allocate their magic levels as their preference. Optionally, the GM may allow “Jedi” who only have Enhancement for Priority B only.

Magic must be priority A. Sith can have Enhancement and Sorcery, or Sorcery and Conjuration. (Conjuration works differently in this system, however, so see that section.) Force Adepts may follow Sith teachings and ways, but are generally not considered full “Sith” .

Force Adepts
Force Adepts can have Enhancement, Sorcery, or Conjuration. Most, however, have only one of these (Magic priority B). Some do have priority A instead, and almost always have Sorcery and Conjuration.

Naturally, Force-users can improve their powers using Initiation, and often do. Jedi and Sith usually self-initiate. Force adepts are more likely to study in smaller magical groups or cults. Lightsabers are simply weapon focuses built as swords, with the added benefit of being small and concealable. Force Adepts and some Sith prefer other kinds of weapon foci and there’s no penalty for this. (It’s also a good reason for characters to really treasure their lightsabers and special weaponry.)

Characters get Astral Perception as normal. However, the Star Wars universe has no real Astral Projection. You can’t fight figures in Astral Space and there’s only really rare spirits. Characters with Magic Priority A can go on meditation quests to initiate more cheaply and/or try to obtain wisdom or knowledge.


Sorcery effects are divided into Light, Dark, and Neutral effects. Characters are Neutral by default, which means they can only use Neutral effects. Light or Dark characters can use those effects as well as Neutral ones.

Neutral Powers:

All Combat spells that deal Stun damage are Neutral. Note that using a Stun effect to deal Physical damage (i.e., on an unconscious target) is a Dark Side act.

All Detection Spells are Neutral.

Increase Attribute
Increase Cybered Attribute
Increase Reaction
Increase Reflexes

Control Thoughts

Magic Fingers

Light Side Powers:
Cure Disease
Healthy Glow
Resist Pain

Dark Side Powers:

All Combat spells that deal Physical damage are Dark Side-aligned.

Decrease Attribute
Decrease Cybered Attribute

Control Actions
Control Emotions

Lightning Bolt
Ball Lightning


Conjuration is a more difficult task than in normal Shadowrun, and frequently aligned to the Dark Side. The Light Side of the Force doesn’t create weird monsters, leave pools of evil energy polluting the world, or leaves its masters in a nightmarish state of half-death. These kinds of powers are all controlled by Conjuration. Dark Side summonings are usually treated as Hermetic, with elaborate ritual circles and costly materials.

In addition to normal effects, they can taint an area with the Dark Side. In order to do this, the Dark Side Conjurer makes the usual Conjuring check with a target number he or she chooses. Any Light or Neutral Force user who enters the area must make an opposed Magic check against that target number. If the Force user fails, he or she loses a Magic point until leaving the area.

Dark Side spirits are powerful, but you can call upon only one at a time. Unfortunately, while often having strange powers and secret knowledge, they’re also self-willed, exploitive, and view the Force user as a tool. Calling upon their power has a price, and they cannot be commanded easily.

However, neutral effects can summon natural creatures with Conjuration. The GM must assign an equivalent Force rating to natural critters, which sets the difficulty of tasks as normal. In a pinch, you can use this to set attributes, but normally mental attributes are much lower. These are animals, after all. Neutral summonings are treated as Shamanic, and can be done on the fly. Dark Side users cannot affect normal animals, who tend to completely freak them out.

Light and Dark Side

Using the Light or Dark sides of the Force requires accepting some penalties. Specifically, you must accept an appropriate Geas for each level of Initiation. (Thus, you must Initiate at least once to gain access to the different sides of the Force.) Taking a Vow counts as a discount for the purposes of Initiation as well.

Light Side:
Charity – You must give of your resources and offer your services, without expecting a return or reward, to any in need.
Chastity – You may not marry, have children, or engage in sensual pleasures.
Guidance – You must spend time teaching, including taking apprentices as necessary.
Honesty – You must travel openly as a Force user, forgo the use of codenames, and may not lie or deceive. You are not required to state the full truth to anyone, however.
Meditation – You must meditate before making any decisions, avoid any kind of emotional excitement, and spend a great deal of downtime studying.
Melee – You may only fight in melee combat; you may use no ranged attacks except for Force powers.
Mercy – You must offer mercy to any who seek it, and also to enemies who have been incapacitated.
Poverty – You may not own more property than you can carry on your person, including weapons. You may not own vehicles or even safe houses. Generally, you have to be supported by a government, rely on friends, or become a wandering mendicant. You may be allowed a primitive house if you put together yourself. You may only keep a small amount of money for personal expenses.
Protection – You must offer protection to anyone in genuine need, even at risk to yourself.

Dark Side:
Apprenticeship – You must take an Apprentice and ignore their blatant plans to kill you until they openly try something. Even then, if they survive your wrath you have ignore it until the next time they make a move against you.
Bad News – You must kill anyone who brings you bad news, tries to help you in a manner you don’t enjoy, or gives you good advice.
Bombast – You must be blatantly and obviously dangerous. Everything you own must be customized to exude obvious evil. You must monologue about how evil you are whenever possible, including in the middle of a fight.
Challenge – You must always try to challenge powerful enemies personally, including any foe who has become sufficiently important that you know his or her name.
Fortress – You must build a blatantly evil fortress to display your villainy. Anyone who sees it will know immediately you’re probably insane. You also cannot tolerate anyone else having cool fortresses and must demonstrate you are more powerful.
Greed – You can never surrender resources, from money to weaponry to starships. Even if it would be to your advantage, you can’t even sell or trade. You must take and take more.
Imprisonment – You must always attempt to take foes alive at least once, preferably so that you can torture them.
Lust – You must give in to your baser urges whenever possible, and when not possible you must leer. You should thoroughly disgust everyone and invade their personal space as often as you can.
Melee – You may only fight in melee combat; you may use no ranged attacks except for Force powers.
Rage – You must surrender to blind rage as often as possible, and preferably kill the helpless and weak.

Force Users and Karma Pools

Human Non-Force users pay into the Karma Pool for every 10th earned Karma point. Aliens who do not use the Force, or Human Force-users pay into the Karma Pool every 20th point instead. Alien Force-users pay in every 25 points.

Falling to the Dark Side

Using the Dark Side doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve fallen to it, but that almost always happens in the end due to the Geasa acquired over time. Eventually, the character will do something bad enough to lose the various dice pools and earn a Threat Rating instead.

Once a character acquires Threat Rating for whatever reason, he or she has become a tool of the Dark Side and is no longer playable (unless you want a Dark Side game where the characters are all more or less evil). From then on, the character would have to do increasing atrocities to gain more Threat Rating. This almost always destroys the character eventually.

It is quicker and easier, after all… but not stronger.


One thought on “Shadowrun: Star Wars

  1. I suspect it was more that we played star wars d6 (and found the system reasonably satisfactory) only a few campaigns back. There was nothing wrong with the proposal; it just wasn’t what everyone wanted at the time.

    Maybe next campaign.

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